The “succession and evolution” of Kyoto’s unique culture within the timeless Kikusui.

The “succession and evolution” of Kyoto’s unique culture within the timeless Kikusui. The preservation of that which is good from the past ages here in the present. In truth, this is a very difficult yet exceedingly important thing to to do in this modern era in which it is vital that appearances, characteristics and identities change alongside its surrounding environment and people. For twenty some years until now, Kikusui has upheld the tradition of “preserving and not altering its appearance” and has hardly changed during this time. Kyoto’s unique and inimitable culture is one that is deeply-rooted into the land. Our goal in the renovation of Kikusui is so that Kyoto’s culture can be experienced even more easily and naturally by our guests. The transforming of the traditional wood veranda into a modern terrace from where the view of the garden can be enjoyed is one good example of how we have successfully merged the two contrasting styles of the traditional and modern. And under the excellent supervision of Chef Matsuo from the Michelin 3-Star restaurant Kashiwaya, who has assisted us in the making of the best in terms of atmosphere and cuisine, we believe we have successfully created a “cuisine ryokan” that has never been seen anywhere else before. “I visited Kyoto. I lived in Kyoto. My body and mind has been cleansed in Kyoto.” This is the unforgettable experience that we offer you during your time here at Kikusui.

About the Restaurant

We present to you Japanese cuisine that has been perfected under the guidance and supervision of Chef HIDEAKI MATSUO, the owner of the Michelin 3-Star Japanese restaurant Kashiwaya. Chef Matsuo is highly renowned both domestically and internationally for the top-level entertainment of food that he creates through free concepts and expressions that are unconstrained by styles and bounds of contemporary Japanese cuisine. His works of art can be enjoyed from spaces that overlook the garden or the exclusive private rooms located in the garden itself. We also offer exquisite dishes from the “Kikusui cuisine” a fusion between Japanese essences and French cuisine and dishes, created by Kikusui’s resident Head Chef HIDEKI OFUDE which cannot be tasted anywhere else. Kikusui awaits its dining guests with only the highest quality ingredients and cooking techniques. We of course also welcome guests that are not staying with us to dine at the restaurant.

Regarding Lodging

Five fully furnished guest rooms, prepared to make your stay one of pure comfort and of the highest quality, are available here at Kikusui. A guest room with a seated terrace adjacent to the Japanese garden is located on the 1st floor. This luxurious room, a space almost one with the garden itself, is the perfect place to heal the weariness of one’s travels or enjoy moments of quietness during the silence of night. Four more guest rooms are located on the 2nd floor, each which overlook the beautiful garden and built spaciously with separate areas for relaxing available in each bedroom, while still providing plenty of privacy. We offer stay packages that include breakfast and dinner options and hope that your time at Kikusui almost feels like that at a personal get-away villa. We hope that you fully experience what it is like to live in Kyoto.