It is not only a restaurant. It is not only an inn.
We want to present a “Japanese Auberge” as a concept.
Menus are supervised by Hideaki Matsuo,
the proprietor of Michelin three-star Japanese Cuisine Kashiwaya.
Kikusui prepares Japanese Kaiseki, a traditional Japanese course menu, adapting a new attempt with ancient Japanese traditions to match with the season, and also serves Kyoto-style western food using seasonal ingredients from terroir around Kyoto.
Kikusui incorporates with Japanese essence to the world of Auberge.
Guests stay to enjoy the combination of “food” and “time” which could only be experienced here.

Kyoto Western-style Food

Along with his thoughts, the grand chef Hideki Ofude provides a colorful dish with seasonal ingredients of terroir around Kyoto. It is such a beautiful dish as if four seasons of the Kikusui garden are expressed, and it changes the look depending on how he draws the sauce.

Japanese Kaiseki

Under the supervision of Hideaki Matsuo, the proprietor of three-starred Michelin Japanese Cuisine Kashiwaya, the Japanese-style kaiseki, you can enjoy Japanese tradition and a new culinery experience that matches with season. The course has been presented carefully such that chefs face sincerely to the ingredients feeling nature and expresses the beautiful season skillfully using rich ingredients.

For lunch, you can enjoy the full kaiseki cuisine in a private room, mainly on Nanzenji's specialty tofu course.
During dinner time, there are three kinds of Japanese kaiseki menus to enjoy the seasonal offerings.


Resonate with the Garden
Seasonal Blessings

Kikusui garden shows a variety of natural expressions and brings great scent throughout the four seasons. Chefs also face with ingredients while feeling nature and express the beautiful season by skillfully handle rich ingredients. The day starts with a refreshing breakfast that wakes up your body. Special blended rice, Okinakasumi of Gihei the eighth, cooked with a special water and an earthenware pot, is quite exquisite. In addition to limited quantity Afternoon Teas inspired by the garden and regular menus, special memorable orders for anniversaries and events are available upon request.


Garden Afternoon Tea

"Garden Afternoon Tea" is inspired from the graceful garden made by the gardener, Jihei Ogawa the seventh. The Afternoon Tea is offered in a limited quantity, with different types of menus representing the four seasons.

[ The Afternoon Tea Menu (homemade by patissier) ]
Tamba Beef mini hamburger / croissant sandwiches / mushroom quiche / petit chou with Hojicha cream / fig cake / mini Monaka / mont blanc tart / Matcha mousse / grapes mini parfait / canelé / macaroon / financier
*Menu is subject to change by season and availability.

[ Choice of tea from 6 selections of Ronnefeldt (All you can drink) ]
Darjeeling Summer Gold / English Breakfast / Golden Earl Grey / Strawberry Fields / Vital Grape Fruits / Chill Out With Herbs

▪️Nara Tsukigase Tea
Kabuse Sencha / Japanese Black Tea

▪️Slow Jet Coffee Kodai-ji
Coffee / Café au lait


Exclusive Breakfast for Hotel Guests

Exclusive Breakfast for Stay-over guest

The Japanese breakfast is exclusively offered to the hotel guests. As a starter, we will serve with a pureed soup of seasonal vegetables and a marinated honey pickled tomato, which is good for your morning body. We offer a superb breakfast served at a peaceful place where you can awake slowly with the soup of whole seasonal vegetables.