A Path to Progress
Looking Back the History and Grace of Kyoto and Kikusui.

During the Meiji Restoration, Japan was in a transformational era in the pursuit of an independent culture. At this time, the Japanese gardener “Ueji” also known as “Jihei Ogawa the seventh”, worked on the villa gardens of the famous Nanzenji area and broke the mold by creating a new, modern style of Japanese landscape architecture. Around 1895, Kikusui opened as a vacation home for the kimono merchant “Teramura Sukuemon" where he would eventually meet the famous Kyoto chef “Itamae Shinzo” in the garden and Kikusui would make its mark in time as a Japanese restaurant and inn hosting a countless number of guests. We are pleased to announce the inception of a new Kikusui, where culture and identity, and future and tradition meet.